Picnic for Glory!

GloryA picnic benefit for Glory is in the works!
It will be outdoors (praying for a glorious day), and we’ll be having lots of food, fun, games, auctions, and some surprise goodies for our guests. It’ll be a time for people to get together and have a good time, while learning more about adoption and how they can be a part of the solution to the global orphan crisis.

We can’t wait to share this time with our friends and family from near and far! We are excited to invite others to join us in our adoption journey, not only through prayer and financial support, but also through fellowship and doing life together.  The adoption process can seem lonely and grueling because most of the time we are just completing paperwork, trainings, applications for grants, etc. etc. and then the waiting seems endless.. but when there’s a community of people around to share in the joy and wondrous expectation of a coming child, a child who will soon know the love of a forever family (and their awesome community), to put it plainly, it’s so worth it!! :)

More details to come!

Reflecting on Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is upon us and we have spent some time praying for R’s birth mom and also the foster mom who raised her for pretty much her whole life until she was adopted. We don’t know the circumstances of her biological parents but we pray blessings over them and their health. R’s foster mom raised her to be independent, a helper, and a person of compassion. When we adopted R, our guide told us that when R’s foster mom dropped her off at the orphanage, she could not stop crying.. R told her lovingly not to cry and that she would be okay and bravely took the hand of the orphanage caretaker and walked into the orphanage. At the time, I didn’t completely believe the story because it seemed like such a mature and bizarre act for a 5 year old! But now knowing who Ruthie is, I can see that story was true. And it breaks my heart. Mother’s Day is not easy for all.. There is loss and heartache too.

IMG_1058I’m so grateful (to tears) that God chose me to raise R and to be her mom. There are no words that can express my gratitude and what a huge blessing and answered prayer R has been in my life, on so many levels. I also know that there are two strong women out there who made decisions that enabled Ruthie to be the strong, loving girl she is today.

I see this quote often, but it really hits me today…

“A child born to another woman calls me Mom. The depth of the tragedy and magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me” -Jody Landers

Amen… amen.

So thankful for my mama, and all the mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

First Family Skype Date

The other day, with the help of Mandarin speaking friends, we were able to Skype with Glory! She is super sweet, quiet, and shy. Ruthie was very excited to “meet” her older sister and she busted out her ukulele and played Glory a song. Glory politely clapped along to it! Too cute.

Glory’s teacher informed us that Glory had woken up early and picked out her clothes the night before to get ready for our call. She likes to sing and dance, so she showed us a little dance she had learned. It was adorable!

We asked her if she was in pain and she said no. We asked her if she would like for us to bring anything for her when we come, she said no. Her caretakers shared before that Glory doesn’t ask for much of anything :(. It broke our hearts to know that she could possibly want something, but for whatever reason didn’t want to express it. She did share with us that while she was excited to come home, she would really miss her friends.

An amazing God story is that somehow, Glory’s best friend is being adopted as well and we got connected to her family! Not only that, but several families from Glory’s orphanage are now in touch and we are already planning some trips for the kids to reunite once things have settled.

Time and time again, God shows us his faithfulness, his amazing timing, and his love for his children. All paper work is in China now, so it’s just wait time… We are so blessed to be on this journey and can’t wait to bring Glory home! 

Our talented friend, Jerico created this short movie for us, sharing the story of our second adoption. Please pray for us and for Glory and if you’d like to contribute to her adoption fund, you can find the info on the side of our blog or find updates on our Facebook Page.