A day of firsts..

The first day of hugs because she wanted them..

The first day of “I love you”s for no reason..

The first day of a struggle free bedtime routine..

The first day of being tucked into bed without any pushing away.. But instead a soft smile on her face, sweetly awaiting a kiss goodnight..

The first day I saw walls come down and just the tender heart of a child who is starting to be assured in the love of a family..

Tears.. I praise Jesus for His steadfast love over us.. and for how much He is teaching us about His love through His previous daughter. ❤️❤️❤️



Updates from homeside

We have been home a little over two weeks now.. why does it seem like so much longer? We’ve been doing relatively well, but not without struggles and constant reminders of how desperately we need Jesus! G is daily growing in her trust of us as her parents, though there are moments it seems like she has always been here. :) G & R have come a long way. Although there is still bickering and things to work out daily, they love each other and their bond is growing stronger everyday.

Going forward we will be posting some of our posts with a password to protect G’s privacy in terms of health and progress. It’ll be her story to tell one day! Just let me know if you would like the pw. :)

I read this article today that totally sums up what we have been experiencing as a new family home, in cocoon stage. http://www.nohandsbutours.com/2015/10/13/it-takes-a-village-a-letter-from-a-newly-home-family/ I laughed through the reality of this article. Though we’ve not been eating candy for dinner, I can tell you that I have gone through bags of mini Milky Ways.. I don’t know why, I just feel better after I eat one (or many, lol). But seriously, the last quote, “But in all of this hard, we know adoption is a miracle. We have seen God work in ways we could not have imagined and cannot wait to share this crazy, messy, beautiful miracle with each and every one of you.”

Thank you all for your prayers and love!

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So long, Hong Kong… We’re coming home!

Our stay in Hong Kong started eventfully with our girls getting sick separately (one from the van ride, and one from being overzealous at dinner and eating too much), and a child’s #2 in the bathtub (I was mortified)..! Despite all this, R & G began to have compassion and love for one another through this. Who knew that vomit could bring people together? Lol…

Due to a generous contribution from a close friend, we were able to share our first family vacation at Hong Kong Disney and spend a few days here before returning home. We weren’t sure how it would pan out but Disney was the best end to our trip! The girls had a blast and it was the first time we felt like a family unit. We were truly truly blessed! 

As we wind down from our last few days in HK and prepare for the long flight home, we are really overcome with thanksgiving. We have felt the powerful prayers of the saints over our family. We have been able to see through God’s lens for our children and parent with more compassion and less frustration. It’s the beginning of a journey and without Him, we couldn’t do it. We see the knowing glances and responses from veteran parents — some of what we are going through is adoption, but some of it is just parenthood. 😉

The bottom line is Glory is finally with us! Finally home (well, almost) and in a family where she belongs. She will never need to fight for her life, for a place in the spotlight, for love, for attention ever again. Her entire life has been a fight from day one – but not anymore. Praise Jesus. Please pray with us as we love and raise our children — we are newbie parents and our flesh fails us daily, but by God’s grace and His hand of protection and provision, may they grow to know His saving grace and be mighty ones for His kingdom.

A few photos from our last days here. Hong Kong is beautiful but there’s no place like home. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support as always. 

ps. We rode a cable car over Hong Kong and I thought I was going to die – who knew it went THAT high? The 6 and 7 year old did a lot better than I did! 😳😳😳

Much love,

the Hoang family of four! 😆