So long, Hong Kong… We’re coming home!

Our stay in Hong Kong started eventfully with our girls getting sick separately (one from the van ride, and one from being overzealous at dinner and eating too much), and a child’s #2 in the bathtub (I was mortified)..! Despite all this, R & G began to have compassion and love for one another through this. Who knew that vomit could bring people together? Lol…

Due to a generous contribution from a close friend, we were able to share our first family vacation at Hong Kong Disney and spend a few days here before returning home. We weren’t sure how it would pan out but Disney was the best end to our trip! The girls had a blast and it was the first time we felt like a family unit. We were truly truly blessed! 

As we wind down from our last few days in HK and prepare for the long flight home, we are really overcome with thanksgiving. We have felt the powerful prayers of the saints over our family. We have been able to see through God’s lens for our children and parent with more compassion and less frustration. It’s the beginning of a journey and without Him, we couldn’t do it. We see the knowing glances and responses from veteran parents — some of what we are going through is adoption, but some of it is just parenthood. πŸ˜‰

The bottom line is Glory is finally with us! Finally home (well, almost) and in a family where she belongs. She will never need to fight for her life, for a place in the spotlight, for love, for attention ever again. Her entire life has been a fight from day one – but not anymore. Praise Jesus. Please pray with us as we love and raise our children — we are newbie parents and our flesh fails us daily, but by God’s grace and His hand of protection and provision, may they grow to know His saving grace and be mighty ones for His kingdom.

A few photos from our last days here. Hong Kong is beautiful but there’s no place like home. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support as always. 

ps. We rode a cable car over Hong Kong and I thought I was going to die – who knew it went THAT high? The 6 and 7 year old did a lot better than I did! 😳😳😳

Much love,

the Hoang family of four! πŸ˜†



We are now in Guangzhou about to leave for Hong Kong for a few days and then HOME! Glory’s medical exam was fine – we don’t really take that exam too serious since we’ll do a thorough exam once we are home. Her consulate appointment went smoothly and we are now waiting for her US visa. 

The past few days have been hard but increasingly better. One thing we were not expecting (because we are naive, newbie parents!) was sibling rivalry. We didn’t even know that Ruthie had a competitive bone in her body until Glory came on the scene. Of course their rivalry comes in different forms – for Glory, she is vying for the affection of a family she sees is already formed in her eyes. For Ruthie, she is vying for affirmation that she is still loved and for attention that is now split. 


This adoption, like any adoption, hasn’t been easy. Emotions are high, transition is tough.. Can I be honest here? There are times when I would think the craziest things (and sometimes still do..) like, oh my goodness- we are never having people over, ever! .. I’m going to have to quit my job… Our cocooning is going to need to be one year… And the list goes on. There are times when I thought that we were completely ruining every ounce of progress we had made with Ruthie, by seeing how much she regressed in behavior. I felt like Glory didn’t like us, resented Ruthie, and so many more irrational feelings that made me doubt everything. My fellow adoptive mamas and lots of prayer helped me get my mind straight and off my self, and focus on the most important thing right now, Glory.

 When we look at Glory, she is really amazing. She is smart – I mean the girl has picked up so much English it’s amazing! She loves to write and pretend to read books we have. She wrote her name in English by just looking at it one time. She loves fruits and veggies! This girl.. she’s a ton of fun. Her playful spirit and joy is contagious. We have already seen so much of her progress in the past few days, even despite the tough times, she is making it known that she trusts us.. And that is pretty huge.

Although the rivalry in my heart has been real, my flesh gave way a lot, mainly through visible frustrations, my heart would have miraculous revelation and compassion for Glory. The truth of the situation is that these two weeks in China are HARD and she is trying to make sense of a really tough life change. We have been trying to understand her coping mechanisms, her being in survival mode, and at the same affirming Ruthie and not allowing her to feel devalued. This rivalry of the heart continues but lessens as we give God control, as we calm down and obey His small whispers. 

We are by no means perfect parents (surprise, surprise, lol). All we can do is lean on God for the keys to raising these two girls in His ways. His redemptive love for us is real and we are seeing it daily. Praise Him! 

We really can’t wait to be home and just get G into the routine of home life and cocooning. This hotel living is not at all fun! We are praying to make the most of the time we have, and for a great end to our trip. 

We are ready to bring Glory home! ❀️




New beginnings… Glory’s here!

Glory is finally here! We were supposed to leave to meet Glory at 2:30pm on Monday but it got pushed back to 3:30, and boy did that seem like a century!! When we arrived at the Civil Affairs building, we walked in and saw the tiny little Glory wearing a pink headband. She looked so much smaller than we expected but as sweet as can be. Ruthie lovingly gave her hugs and was so curious about her new sister. Glory was welcoming and showed us pictures of her in a photo album given by her orphanage. Unlike Ruthie who came with just the clothes on her back, Glory came with a backpack filled with her belongings. Also, her orphanage set up a photoshoot for her and gave us a nice album with those photos as well.

Coming back to the hotel with Glory was such a new experience for us. She was ready for a family. She was ready to leave the Civil Affairs building in a hurry and was already calling us mama and baba, and Ruthie “mei mei”, which is younger sister. 

Glory has been testing her limits with us from outright telling us no to any request, to yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs, to spitting out food, spitting in general, the list goes on. We are learning and continue to come back to the fact that this is her coping mechanism right now. She has been taken from the only life she knows, good or bad, and it’s tough. We fail and get up, but day by day, God’s grace is giving us the understanding we need to meet her where she is.

Ruthie has been struggling with this new sister she was so excited to meet also. Glory is a ball of energy, likes to poke at Ruthie, and definitely pushes all of her buttons. We are trying our best to show them both how to love, share, and be kind.. And also that there’s enough love to go around for both of them. This is a challenge also. Please pray for Ruthie and Glory as you remember them! ❀️

We went to Glory’s orphanage and it is legit one of the nicest places we’ve ever seen as far as orphanages and child care goes. They even had a motor room for special needs children, a computer lab, several study rooms, and the facility was large and clean. We stopped in the baby room, which stirred up so much emotion, as many of the babies had special needs. We stopped by another children’s room where the children were napping and we recognized many of our friends’ babies! 

Glory’s best friend was in school so we weren’t able to see her, but glory was given a photo of her and she kept it in her pocket the entire day. We are finding that Glory was not very fond of being there at the orphanage and was ready to leave with us. She didn’t have any close relationship with any of the care takers, which saddened us but at the same time, made us all the more thankful that she was no longer there.

Meals have been difficult with the two girls on so many levels, and even going out has been a challenge. We went on a Yunnan Village Tour and could barely enjoy any of the sights with G screaming, barking, and walking off, and R crying, yelling back at G and just so much tension and emotion. That evening, after many tears and prayer, we saw Glory turn a corner in trust. She sat with us for bible time, prayed with us, and allowed us to kiss her goodnight. This morning she ran up and hugged and kissed both of us too. She asks us to pray for her when she gets hurt, by pointing and saying “blablablah”. 

We are all learning and processing. The road to bonding and attachment is long and definitely not instant. I was reminded by many of my friends who’ve adopted from China that the child you see in the two weeks you’re in China is not the who that child is. We remember how difficult it was last year for Ruthie too, and she is a totally different child now. Right now, Glory is grieving in her own way.. And we are just praying for Heaven’s strategy in how to love her past this pain and make the transition as healthy as possible. My friends blog post on her experience adopting her two sons from China last year really put things into perspective for us:

In a few hours, we leave for Guangzhou where G will have her medical test and consulate appointment to receive her US visa. There seems to have been an outbreak of the flu there so please continue to pray for covering over our family and the other families there.

Some photos from the past few days.. Thanks for your prayers, we seriously have been feeling them!!!

 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19