The best news to date …

It’s been so long since we updated our blog because there hasn’t been much going on. Just a whole lot of waiting :). It’s been well over a year since we began this journey of adoption.. just trusting in God’s timing. Well, this week we finally received our Letter of Approval, which means our documents have been accepted and we are officially approved to move forward in adopting Ruthie! We expect to travel in about three months time. So exciting!!

ImageWhat’s even crazier is that we’ve been waiting for an update on our little girl for months, a photo or something, anything~ but nothing has come through. When we received a package of documents yesterday, there were some new photos we had never seen before! Needless to say, we were both waterworks. :*) She’s gotten so big since the first photo we saw of her. Words can’t describe how we feel, but we are just thankful to God for His plan for our lives. Here’s one of the new photos of our little girl!


Prayer works!

One week ago, we ran into an issue with our paperwork where USCIS was requesting another clearance that was not included in our original home study. The problem was that the clearance typically takes 30 days to process and we had a deadline to submit our dossier to China’s database by February 16! So we called on our community to pray and THANK YOU all so much. What normally takes 30 days, took 7.. USCIS approved our application, they sent it via email (which initially we were told they could not do) and it has been entered into China’s database TODAY.

Waiting period..

Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone. Can you believe we are already in mid-January?! Our holidays were filled with family, friends, and joy unspeakable.. but something was just missing, knowing that Ruthie was half a world away. We spent the month of December praying for different countries and their orphan needs with the Lifesong Advent Calendar and were so blessed by it. It opened our eyes to the tremendous needs in the world for orphans and their caretakers, far beyond what we already knew. Prayer, above all is important, and then if God calls you to move in other ways, either through adoption, serving, or giving, please do! If we all do our part, we can make a great impact for the needs of orphans around the world.

We haven’t been updating much on the blog, more so just on our adoption timeline. There hasn’t been much activity in our adoption process other than updating a few documents for USCIS and waiting.. Although we sent Ruthie a care package for her birthday in September, we have not yet received any notice back from the orphanage/foster care where she resides. Still praying we hear back sometime soon! We thought we had a mini-crisis with obtaining some paper work for USCIS, but God made a way where many said it was impossible.. and we were able to send the appropriate documents back to USCIS within a few days.. Thank you, Jesus! :)

We ask that you continue to keep Ruthie and her current living situation in your prayers (we have little information on this), and that the paperwork currently at USCIS will go through smoothly. Next step after approval is our dossier being sent to China.. waiting some more.. and then we will receive our travel date to go pick  up our little girl! We do not have an approximate time frame but we anticipate about mid-year-ish. She’ll be almost 5 years old.. wow!

Let’s keep praying for this little one and all the babies and young ones out there who are still waiting..
Thank you all for continued love, prayers, and support. You are amazing! :)