Ruthie’s Coming Home!

IMG_3817.JPGSince our last update, we received notice that due to some other delays we would be traveling in November. We scheduled a care package to be sent to her in time for her birthday with some new clothes, toys and a birthday cake! But…. then we received another notice that there was a mistake in some paperwork and actually– we are traveling to bring Ruthie home in less than a month!!!

We were away in Boston celebrating our anniversary/babymoon when we received the news. What perfect timing! We will actually be traveling to pick Ruthie up on her birthday =).

We are so excited!! Plane tickets booked, hotels arranged.. Thank you all for everything.. Ruthie’s coming home!!!

A Love Worth Waiting For

ChinaVisaWho knew that documents and fingerprints expire so quickly?! We are learning so much from this adoption process, but aside from the little things, the main things are 1) to be faithful in prayer 2) to be patient 3) to go with the flow (or we’d lose our minds!). We’ve had to re-do a bunch of documents, including our home study so our travel has yet again been pushed back. However, we are making progress! We’ve applied for our visas, Article 5 has been processed by the US Consulate in Guangzhou, we’ve selected the hotels we’ll be staying at during our stay in China.. Now, barring any unforeseen issues (please pray for us!!), our travel is slated to be closer to early November but should have an exact travel date by the end of the month. Although it has been a long season of waiting, we believe in God’s timing for all things!!

ruthie3to4It’s crazy to think that Ruthie was 3 when we first saw a photo of her. Next month she will be turning 5! We’ve arranged for another care package to be sent to her in celebration of her birthday. We hope to receive some photos one last time before going to see her in person!

Did we mention my parents opened a cafe and named it Ruthie’s? :) We love it so much and feel like the cafe has this warm and cheerful ambience just because of its name and the Lord’s blessing! Ruthie will be one well known gal when she gets home!

We’ve been busy with lots of things on our plates between work and ministry, but now it’s time to slow down a bit and get ready for Ruthie’s arrival. Thank you all for your continued support, thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed by our loving community and can’t wait for Ruthie to be a part!

Ruthie – we are praying for you everyday and thinking of you all the time! See our matching phone lock screens? ;) We love you!

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  ~Psalm 27:14

The best news to date …

It’s been so long since we updated our blog because there hasn’t been much going on. Just a whole lot of waiting :). It’s been well over a year since we began this journey of adoption.. just trusting in God’s timing. Well, this week we finally received our Letter of Approval, which means our documents have been accepted and we are officially approved to move forward in adopting Ruthie! We expect to travel in about three months time. So exciting!!

ImageWhat’s even crazier is that we’ve been waiting for an update on our little girl for months, a photo or something, anything~ but nothing has come through. When we received a package of documents yesterday, there were some new photos we had never seen before! Needless to say, we were both waterworks. :*) She’s gotten so big since the first photo we saw of her. Words can’t describe how we feel, but we are just thankful to God for His plan for our lives. Here’s one of the new photos of our little girl!